Please review my office forms below. Although it is not mandatory to download, print, and complete the documents below prior to your initial consultation, doing so will permit me to spend more time with you at our first session and/or reduce the additional time you spend at my office.

I have also provided my Summary Notice of Client Privacy for your review. 

Registration Form

This registration document is available here for download should you prefer to prepare in advance for your initial consultation.

Consent for Consultation

This document provides information regarding your initial consultation as well as my office policies. Please review and sign this prior to your first appointment.

Medical Records Release

When completed and signed, this document permits me to release specified records to or receive records from other health care providers and/or your insurance carrier.

Client Privacy Notice

This document reviews provider and client rights related to patient confidentiality as well as all privacy policies and procedures.

Instructions for Filing Your Own Insurance Claims

Should you decide to submit claims for reimbursement to your insurance carrier, please review these important suggestions prior to submission to avoid difficulties or delays in the processing of your claim.