What are Forensic Evaluations?

Forensic are used to answer important legal questions. They are employed to provide expert testimony on issues where psychology and legal concerns intersect. In many proceedings (worker’s compensation, divorce, child custody, competency, criminal complaints), qualified psychologists provide expert witness testimony. The basis of this testimony is the forensic evaluation.

As a licensed psychologist in California, I earned the designation of a Qualified Medical Evaluator from the State of California Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) and performed over 400 medical-legal examinations on behalf of the WCAB.

Forensic issues that have been a part of my practice include:

  • Worker’s Compensation Injuries
  • Civil Litigation: psychological trauma related to personal injury, custody issues, childhood physical, psychological and sexual abuse, foster care abuse and PTSD.
  • Criminal Litigation: Defendant psychological profiling and expert witness testimony
  • Pre-adoption evaluations
  • Competency and Disability